• Hunter Savoy is a leather designer and photographer, utilizing their background in dance to find pathways of the body as a site unto itself.

  • Leather Design

    Accentuated Form, Rawhide

    Element: Earth & Metal (Skin, Oil, Time)

  • Visual Direction

    Semi-Deconstructed, Wind

    Element: Water & Air (depth of the ocean, boundless)

  • Set Design & Forms

    Seashell, Cove, Crumbled Cities

    Element: Earth & Water (Destructive/Constructive)

  • Movement Direction

    Interconnection, Angularity

    Element: Fire (Of The Body, Breath)


    Hunter Savoy works in design, art direction, movement, and photography.

    They are known for their work in leather under the project previously known as Naassene, and have created pieces for

    Moses Sumney, Sudan Archives, SASAMI, Lachlan Watson, Ms.Boogie, BBYMUTHA, Le Poodle, Aoki Lee Simmons and more.

    Savoy holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.